Meet Our Vendors

Our Mission is: To create a friendly, safe, local marketplace for Jackson Park and area residents by providing community wellness resources and healthy, local food from sustainable farming communities.

Meet Our Vendors

2024 Vendor List

A Joyful Piece

Adoption Acres (EBT) (MMM)

Bon Bon

Breadsmith (EBT)

Caledonia Farm (EBT) (FMNP) (MMM)

Chaeng Moua Farmer Market LLC (EBT) (FMNP) (MMM)

Cher’s Garden (EBT) (MMM)


Coolman, Andi (EBT) (MMM)

Crafted Creations

Dulce Aroma

El Sazon Dominicano

Green Baked Goods (EBT)

Hidden Garden (EBT) (FMNP) (MMM)

Jackson Park Lutheran Church (EBT)

Kaitlin’s Boba Tea

Lee Produce (EBT) (FMNP) (MMM)

Lor, Doua (EBT) (FMNP) (MMM)

Midnight Bakehouse (EBT)

Munewski’s Pork and Knife

Mushroom Munchie (EBT) (MMM)

New Baron’s Brewing Cooperative


Our Farm WI (EBT) (MMM)

Plan Bee Honey Co. (EBT) (MMM)

Pop’s Popcorn (EBT)

Rabbit Road LLC.

Rescued Roasters (EBT)

Robo’s Homemade Sausage

Rock Creek Nursery

Sammy May BeerBQ LLC (EBT)

The Ladle Lady (EBT)

Vang Family Garden (EBT) (FMNP) (MMM)

Vue, Ann & Jerry (EBT) (FMNP) (MMM)

Become a Farmer’s Market Vendor

The Jackson Park Farmer’s Market is ready for the new season.  The market is growing quickly and we welcome new vendors to apply to participate in this great opportunity to grow and promote their business.  Please visit the links below for more information, guidelines and application forms.  We look forward to seeing you in Jackson Park!


3500 W Forest Home Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53215 | (414) 367-9393