Jackson Park Tree Lighting Ceremony

The Jackson Park Community Association and North Shore Bank will be sponsoring the annual Jackson Park Tree Lighting Ceremony on Friday, December 1st, at 6:30 p.m. on the triangle of South 43rd Street, West Forest Home Avenue, and West Oklahoma Avenue.

Please join Mayor Cavalier Johnson and local dignitaries for caroling, followed by a reception across the street at North Shore Bank, where refreshments will be served.

Meet your neighbors on this festive night as we welcome the holiday season with the singing of carols around the tree.

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43rd Street Construction (Morgan Ave.- Manitoba St.)

September 24, 2019

Dear South 43rd Street Resident:

I send this correspondence as an update on the status of making South 43rd Street a safer road for all to travel. We had two meetings (at different times) on Wednesday, July 10th at Manitoba School. Our Department of Public Works showed a proposal of how, through lane painting, traffic would be engineered to make drivers go more slowly and travel differently. In essence, we would go from four lanes to three lanes with a center lane and bike lane. This is designed to change the driving behavior on South 43rd Street.

It must be empathized that the project was not part of the 2019 Budget, and could only happen this year if sufficient dollars were found.

During the time between the communities meeting to now, the Department of Public Works, has very carefully found some funding. I am grateful to them!

In the interest of time and weather, we would like to do what we can. As such, West Morgan Avenue to West Manitoba Street can be completed. I recognize that it is not the whole project and I am sorry for that. That said, I would like to reflect on the positive.

Putting the southern line down will give us a six month test to see how effectively it is working. If by chance it is not working, we can simply go back to the current road. By waiting until April/May 2020, when there is sufficient funding, the project will be finished. If you are wondering about the dates, the weather needs to be warm enough for paint to adhere (not less than 55°).

Please see the enclosed rendering on what it will look like. If you have specific questions on the engineering of this project, Scott Reinbacher, Traffic Control Engineer, 414-286-3232, could assist. As always, I can be contacted anytime at 414-286-3768, 414-286-3446.

This was the best that could be done with what was available. I thank you for your patience and understanding.


Alderman Mark Borkowski

11th Aldermanic District

PS: A Special “Thank you” to the City of Greenfield Enclosure

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MPD District 6 Contact Guide

Milwaukee Police Department

District Six Contact Guide

A.   All Emergencies – Dial 911

  1. All life threatening situations
  2. All suspected crimes in progress (ie. Shots Fired/Shooting, Prowling, Battery, Robbery, or Burglary)

B.   Non-Emergencies – Dial 933-4444 (To speak to someone and have the call recorded, press 9)

  1. When an officer is needed at the scene but the situation is not life threatening (ie. Loud Music or Neighbor Troubles)
  2. To speak to a Communications Supervisor – 935-7472
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Garage Burglary Tips

The recent warm weather trend has also brought an increase in garage burglaries.

The area you live in has historically been a safe neighborhood to live in and raise a family, to help keep it this way; it will take some neighbor participation.

What can you do to HELP?


  • Make sure to lock both your overhead and service doors


  • If needed RE-ENFORCE your service door and door jam


  • Change the code to your overhead garage door opener


  • Don’t leave your garage door opener in an automobile that is parked outside of

            your garage


  • Keep all non-essential yard equipment in the house


  • Take pictures and keep an inventory of your property in your house/garage


  • Engrave your driver’s license number on your lawn mower/snow blower


  • Start a block watch or becoming an active member in your block watch.


  • Watch out for not only yourself but also for your neighbor


  • Call the Police and report anything that appears to be suspicious

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