Jackson Park Security & Safety Patrol

Jackson Park Security and Safety Patrol (JPSSP) Mission Statement

Jackson Park Safety Patrol- 2015 Initiatives and Accomplishments– Below is a quick run down of the different initiatives and accomplishments for 2015.

1. Jackson Park Safety Patrol Awareness Campaign– In early 2015 the team launched its awareness campaign. The primary goal was to introduce ourselves to the community as a unit and to promote safety awareness throughout the community. I can say without a doubt the percentages of residents that know who we are and what we are about is a great deal higher than when we first started. If you want to know more about our mission check out our Mission Statement by selecting the link above.

2. 43rd Street Pedestrian Safety Initiative– Most of us are well aware of the increased amount of vehicle traffic on 43rd street. The challenges facing those attempting to cross the street to and from the park is also well known. Early in 2015 we began work with City officials to increase safety awareness in the area and provide additional safety features to 43rd street to help improve pedestrian safety. So what did we do? We had all of the cross walks repainted, added additional cross walk signs all down 43rd street and around the neighborhood. We installed an over hang sign directly above the corner of Dakota and 43rd street to help slow down traffic for the school cross walk and extended the side walks on both sides of 43rd street at the corner of Montana and 43rd. We currently are working with the MPD to help step up speed enforcement and working with the City to find additional options for slowing down traffic in the area.

3. Salvage Collectors and Theft- IN PROCESS– The safety patrol is currently conducting a feasibility study for building a program centered around salvage collection and crime prevention. We are currently working with Salvage Compression\Recycling vendors, the MPD and Salvage collectors to put together a program were our community will sponsor a dedicated collection company that will consist of licensed drivers with the proper permits to collect our communities salvage. They will in turn deliver the product to the sponsored Compression\Recycling vendor. The vendor will provide an itemized listing of product delivered and payout. They will promote this by paying a premium to the sponsored collectors. The primary driver behind this possible program is to reduce theft. By knowing who the collectors are and their vehicles the Safety Patrol as well as the MPD will be able to identify those who are not authorized and take the appropriate actions. While we cant prevent anyone drive driving through the community we will have information that we can provide informing them they we have a dedicated collection program and no salvage is available. By starving out the supply hopefully we will reduce the amount of vehicles in the community. This is still in the early stages and we are still working through the details but considering the issues with theft, spotters etc. we fill this program has merit. We will keep you posted as more information become available.

4. Safety Patrol Recruiting \Program Growth– The safety patrol has grown in its strength a great deal in just one year. We have not only added more patrol units but have also seen greater collaboration and community activism toward the safety in general. More and more residents have been reaching our to us directly, sharing information, making suggestions and more importantly watching out for each other. It doesn’t take as much time or energy as one might think to make significant change for a community. If everyone spent 10-30 minutes a day, every other day, just keeping an eye out, walking their streets and alleys and talking to their neighbors we would see change. The primary weapon against crime prevention is not the Police dept. It is the community. A community of people watching out for each other can cover far more territory than a Police Patrolman any day of the week. We are all directly accountable for the state our community. If we dont like it, we can change it. One can not exist in life without having direct impact on life around them. Doing nothing….has impact.