MPD District 6 Contact Guide

Milwaukee Police Department

District Six Contact Guide


A. All Emergencies – Dial 911

  1. All life threatening situations
  2. All suspected crimes in progress (ie. Shots Fired/Shooting, Prowling, Battery, Robbery, or Burglary)

B. Non-Emergencies – Dial 933-4444 (To speak to a tele-communicator and have the call recorded, press 9)

  1. When an officer is needed at the scene but the situation is not life threatening (ie. Loud Music or Neighbor Troubles)
  2. To speak to a Communications Supervisor – 935-7472

C. District Notifications – 935-7263 or 935-7262 (District Six), 935-7116 (Fax)

  1. Non-emergencies when a squad is not needed (ie. Residence being vacant while on vacation and would like squads to check on the property)

D. Captains Office – 935-7260

1. Captain Diana Rowe-

E. To speak to a Supervisor (24 hours a day) – 935-7261 for the Lieutenant’s Office, 935-7267 for the Sergeant’s Office

Day Shift Lieutenant

Lieutenant Robert RAAB-

Early Shift Lieutenant

Lieutenant John BELSHA-

Late Shift Lieutenant 

Lieutenant Steven Rineberg-

F. Community Liaison Officer (CLO)

PO John Klein- 935-7198,

PO Carlos Felix- 935-7198

G. Community Prosecution Unit (CPU)– 935-7198

ADA Chad Wozniak- 935-7459 (Cell 235-6616)

Asst. City Attorney Jarely Ruiz- 286-2601

PO John Klein- 935-7198

PO Carlos Felix- 935-7198

Jessica Linskens-Kowalske (DV Advocate)- 935-7199

Matt Dama (DNS inspector)- 286-2352

Maria Musolf (Prob. Agent)- 935-7764 (Cell 430-1233)

H. Power Shift Supervisor – 935-7267

SGT William Wilson-

I. Tavern/License Premise Squad – 935-7232

PO Raymond Hewitt- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2447

PO Michael Krohn- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2453

J. 27th St. Beat Officers – 935-7263

Day shift

PO Michael Loechler- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2935

PO Jennifer Kaine- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2693

Bay View Beat

Early Shift

PO Sisto Placencia- Voice mail 935-7060 x2473,

Day Shift

PO Joshua Dummann- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2438

K. Probation/Parole

Agent Maria Musolf – 935-7764 (Cell 430-1233),

MCORP Jeff Burris- 559-3287

PO Michael Stinson- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2485

PO Jeffery Pierson- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2392

L. Drug Dealing/Drug House complaint -935-6680

PO Tyler Kirkvold- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2452

PO Michael Antoniak- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2670

PO Kristopher Maduscha- Voice Mail 935-7060 x2462



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